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2013 Kitako HS-4200 with Fanuc OiTD CNC Control and Fanuc Dual Robot Integrated Installed Robotic Part Loaders and All Input-Output Conveyors Systems

  2013 Kitako HS-4200 2-Machine Cell View1.jpg
  2013 Kitako HS-4200 - front view.jpg
   2013 Kitako HS-4200 - front doors open view
  2013 Kitako HS-4200 - Fanuc Robot view1
  2013 Kitako HS-4200 Close Up 4-Spindle Carrier View1.
   2013 Kitako HS-4200 Close Up Gang Slide Turret Can Add Live Tools.jpg
   2013 Kitako HS-4200 Fanuc-Robot full view1a
  2013 Kitako HS-4200 Fanuc Oi-TD Fullview1
 2013 Kitako HS-4200 Fanuc 18i-TB Cuting Hours
 2013 Kitako HS-4200 - Electrical Cab Full view
2013 Kitako HS-4200 -Rear Full View Chip Conv2
   2013 Kitako HS-4200 -Screen Post Process Gages
 2013 Kitako HS-4200 - DTS control Close Up1

2013 Kitako HS-4200 with Fanuc OiTD CNC Control and Fanuc Dual Robot Integrated Installed Robotic Part Loaders and All Input-Output Conveyors Systems and Flexible Post Process Gauging Systems and all Ordered New Options Installed.

Main Specifications
Model HS-4200
Max. Turning Diameter and Length 7.8" x 4"
Chuck Size CNC Collets or 8" x 4 Units Installed
Spindle Nose A2-6
Spindle Motor 15HP / 20HP
Maximum Spindle Speed 4,500 rpm
Carrier Index 1.5 seconds / 180
X-Axis Travel 6.3"
Z-Axis Travel 9.8"
Rapid Traverse 945 IPM (X), 1181 IPM (Z)
Turret Gang Type Slide for Mutiple Tools & Cap. Live Tooling on Gang Slide
Turret Index 0.3 second per Station
2 Fanuc Robot Loader for Carrier Loading System
Maximum Part Size (diameter x length) 5.9" x 3.9"
Maximum Part Weight 6.6 lbs x 2
Feed Rates (X/Y/Z) 6,693 IPM / 4,724 IPM / 2,165 IPM
Totally Enclosed Splash Guards
Door Interlock
Hydraulic Circuit Alarm Indicator
Production Counter
Maintenance Counter
Tool Counter
Coolant Equipment
Rear Discharge Chip Conveyer
Foot Switch
Alarm Message Function
Lubrication Circuit Alarm Indicator
Servo Motor Driven Carrier (2 Second Index Time)
Tool Holder for 8 Station Drum

Special Design Features

Load While Machining Four spindles, generally partnered in pairs, are mounted in a square pattern in a large cylindrical carrier drum.
When the carrier is indexed 180 degrees, two spindles/parts move from the loading zone to the machining zone. At the same time, the other two spindles/parts move from the machining zone to the loading zone. As two parts are being machined, two new parts are being loaded. This continuous indexing is similar to that of a pallet changer on a machining center.

*Unique Four-Spindle, Four-Axes Flexibility
The spindles, slides, and turrets work independently and simultaneously for “operation matching” flexibility: AA/AA, AB/AB, AA/BB, A/B/C/D.

*Dependable, Close Tolerance Performance

Spindle rigidity and positioning are ensured by the use of a large diameter, precision-toothed curvic coupling.
The solid headstock, bed, and box shaped ways, over-sized ball-screws and servo motors, and robust turrets are all designed to perform heavy cutting with impressive chip removal rates.

Ease of Loading Since the spindles in the loading zone are outside of the machine, there is unrestricted access, allowing for easy manual, robotic, or gantry loading.

*Small Floor Space Requirements

Kitako HS-4200 Factory Demo Operation Full View!


(3) Installed Kitako HS-4200 Operation Full View

Videos Links http://tbf.me/a/6ldLu

Special Price:$Please Email or Call Neg. (1-2) Machines!.

Machine is Fully Installed for Inspection and Immediate Release on Orders!

F.O.B: Machine Pricing on factory prep for shipment and Machine Loading on Request.

Terms: Payment in Full Prior to Shipment.

I thank you for your review and consideration and look forward to further questions.

Mark V. Murphy
Murphy Machinery Sales, Inc.

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